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Construction kit
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3D print construction kit

Construction kits help develop dexterity, motor skills and combination abilities of children. It contains 87 various pieces in total to be printed using a 3D printer.



The future of creativity lies in 3D printing, allowing children to design and produce their environmentally friendly toys. The future of creativity lies in 3D printing, allowing children to design and produce their environmentally friendly toys.

Construction kits designed for children's education can assist in the development of their motor skills and encourage their creativity by enabling them to construct whatever they can envision. The  construction kits  offer children the chance to practice simple engineering concepts, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving through a variety of shapes and pieces.

Educational construction kits can be enjoyed by both children and parents, providing support for the child's development. These kits are specifically designed to teach the fundamental principles of physics and engineering while fostering creativity.




The designs were made and shown using a new recycled printing material Prusament PETG from Prusa Research.  This material is made of recycled food packaging and comes in many not only transparent colors that are bio-based.

Users can download free product templates from the website or 3D printing platforms, and then use their 3D printers to print the templates.

For creating a safer childhood while simultaneously taking a step towards sustainability, Educational Construction Toys are a perfect choice.  The pieces fit together with ease and can be used indoors or outdoors for building any structure.


3D Construction Kits  are a great way to teach children the basics of engineering and problem-solving.  Kids can use their imagination to create whatever structure they can think of.  By building with these construction pieces, children are developing their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities.

The kits are also designed to be age-appropriate and fun for children of all ages.  Whether you have a toddler or a school-aged child, these construction kits can help them grow and develop their skills.

In preparation for the next generation of young creators and builders, who will need new tools and technology to survive, the company has created a variety of environmentally safe materials for 3D printing toys.

The toys are intended to be a joint activity between parents and children and may be printed at home.  Since the designs merely need to be downloaded and installed, they are accessible anywhere.  The big advantage of this solution is that you can print a large number of parts of different shapes in the amount you need and in any color.


  • Educational construction toys are an excellent approach to fostering kids' growth and creativity.  They are created from recyclable materials and can be quickly printed at home.
  • Children who use the building kits have the opportunity to express their creativity while learning engineering concepts and improving their motor skills.
  • Making educational construction toys using 3D printing technology is a great way to have fun and create eco-friendly toys.
  • The toys can be printed at home and are meant to be a project for parents and children to work on together.
  • It is a great opportunity to teach children the basics of engineering and problem-solving while having fun and inspiring creativity.

The designs are easily accessible and free to use.  They can provide an opportunity for parents to bond with their kids while building something creative and meaningful.  With these benefits, it's no wonder why Educational Construction Toys are becoming increasingly popular!


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